Usiplus, your specialist in cutting/machining technical and finely crafted parts


USIPLUS: a company, based in Ayse, specializing in digitally controlled cutting

We have adapted our production tool, structure, and organization to the specific requirements of our customers' high value-added parts.

The technical challenge, precision, cosmetic and geometric aspects, and innovation are the core values of our DNA.

Usiplus specializes in the production of technical and finely crafted parts having a medium-series diameter of 0.8 to 65 mm bars.

Our customers find in Usiplus a production capacity that ensures quality, reliability, and productivity.

With a high-performance, digitally controlled machine fleet consisting of 76 machines, Usiplus offers a rigorous and industrial organization for your medium series in its building integrated in 2018.

To ensure our company’s future, we invest 15 to 17% of our revenue every year.

We have adapted our production tool, structure, and organization to the specific requirements of our customers' high value-added parts.

Technical challenge, precision, and innovation are the core values of our DNA.

Millions of turnover

New references / year


CNC Machines

Thank you for visiting our stand at Global Industries.

⚙ Global Industrie Lyon, return on the event

For Usiplus, the first exhibition of the Covid period "Global industrie" has just closed its doors.

We would like to thank all the people who came to meet us during these 4 days and we are enthusiastic to see such a dynamic become part of the long term.

We are proud to be associated with your many new development projects and this reinforces our motivation to continue our investments to support you.

For all those who could not come to meet us, our doors are wide open! We are able to support you thanks to our industrial power and also thanks to the new machines that have arrived or will arrive very soon.

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Usiplus is accredited for the SPACE programme (Supply Chain Progress Towards Aeronautical Community Excellence) - Industrial Performance 2

This collaborative programme, fully dedicated to the aeronautics sector, enables major contractors and subcontractors to move forward together.

Working sessions organized by "Clusters" of 6 or 7 companies enable the analysis and identification of points for improvement through synergy.

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New SW20 STAR Machine tool at USIPLUS

These two machines complete a group of 7 machines already present in our workshop. 

Equipped with 10 axes, these machines offer the opportunity of machining complex parts with a diameter up to 20 mm.

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CARSAT is talking about us!

Discover below the article from the CARSAT concerning our oil mist collection system

"The success of a project to install an oil mist collection system is not limited to the definition of the suction flow and the filtration system. Other important elements must be taken into account and defined in the specifications

in order to integrate a future efficient and sustainable extraction system for the company.

In 2019, USI+, a company with 62 employees, moved to a new industrial site in Ayse. As soon as the requirements for the design of this new building were defined, the installation of centralised extraction networks for cutting fluid aerosols was integrated into the project.

The manager, aware of the importance of protecting the company's employees from oil mists, opted for a centralised extraction system with filtered air rejected to the outside of the building. The 75 numerical turning-machining centres in the production workshop have been connected to this system.

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USI+ values and commitments

"We do not inherit the land from our parents, we borrow it from our children.

Environmental protection is an absolute necessity."

Environmental protection is a major concern for us

Reducing our impact as an industrial company is essential to preserve our resources and the quality of life of future generations.

To this end, we have put in place several measures, including centralised suction of oil mists with filtration, treatment of waste by specialised channels, treatment of chips, oils and solvents, and studies of industrial risks...

Finally, USI+ has always been committed to respecting people and ethics in business.

We ensure the well-being of our employees and their development at work. We are also attentive to the development of the skills of all our employees. Each technician receives rigorous training on arrival, enabling them to become autonomous quickly.   

We are committed to respecting fundamental rights and to applying to our commercial and industrial strategies all the measures of common sense, loyalty and confidentiality expected of a partner.

Gender Equality Index 2020: 86/100

Pay gap indicator: 36/40

Indicator on individual rate of increase gap: 35/35

Indicator on the % of employees who received a raise in the year following their return from maternity leave: 15/15

Indicator for the number of employees of the under-represented gender in the 10 highest paid employees: 0/10

 Z.A.E. des Lacs 1022 avenue du Mole 74130 Ayse

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