Quality at USI+

Our market positioning implies a structure with trained, conscientious staff, efficient installations, and measurement methods monitored by GMM.

One way of thinking: Quality.

We have used this quality approach as a means to attract new markets and new customers. This tool has always been a major catalyst in our business development. In order to deliver products in line with our customers' expectations, our management challenges all services on this performance aspect and invests frequently. 

We can control tight tolerances, geometric and cosmetic criteria in production, particularly thanks to the quality pole brought to the center of the workshop or thanks to the 16 binoculars installed on the workstations...

The managed hardware fleet consists of optical systems (4 2D Cameras, 4 projectors, 5 vision cameras, 16 Binoculars)

  • 4500 systems for fixed measurements
  • 500 systems for variable measurements



Our requirements are in line with the market requirements of our customers.

We are partners and see requests for continuous improvement as a real opportunity to progress.

Environmental protection is a major concern for us.

Reducing our impact as an industrialist is essential to preserving our resources and the quality of life for future generations.

For this, we have put in place several measures including centralized suction of oil mists through filtration, waste treatment by the specialized sector, treatment of chips, oils, and solvents, industrial risk studies, and so forth...

Finally, USI+ has always been committed to providing respect for people and business ethics.

We ensure the well-being of our employees and their work development. We are also attentive to the skills development of all our employees. Every technician receives rigorous training upon arrival, which allows them to quickly become self-sufficient.  

We are committed to respecting fundamental rights and to applying the full range of common sense, fairness, and confidentiality that would be expected of a partner to our business and industrial strategies.

Certificat EN 9100:2018

Certificat ISO 13485

Certificat ISO 9001:2015

Certificat ISO 9001:2015

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